Thursday, May 24, 2018

Typed Racket HEAD w/ a Snapshot Build

How to run Typed Racket HEAD (or perhaps a fork) on a Racket snapshot build? Try the following steps:

1. download and set up a racket snapshot (
2. cd to the root folder for that snapshot install
3. mkdir extra-pkgs && cd extra-pkgs
4. git clone
5. cd typed-racket
6. raco pkg install --auto -i --no-setup --skip-installed typed-racket-test
7. raco pkg update -i --auto --no-setup source-syntax/ \
                                        typed-racket-lib/ \
                                        typed-racket-more/ \
                                        typed-racket-compatibility/ \
                                        typed-racket-doc/ \
                                        typed-racket/ \
8. raco setup typed typed-racket typed-racket-test typed-scheme

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